Founded in 2006, SAGA ‘s mission is to support social change through the creation of innovative transmedia narrative universe that encourage audiences to action. SAGA also creates tools to reinvent how stories will be told tomorrow using old and emerging technologies.



The first Storytelling engine for smart environments.  A scenography tool that integrates 60 types of physical sensors, Web Services and Wearables that can trigger content on any types of screens, mobile apps, sound systems and scenic equipment.

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A unique sounscape engine for Mobile Phones that creates geolocalized audio recordings that create the sensation of experiencing a particular acoustic environment. Those experiences are great for music exploration, storytelling and context driven tourism experiences. It adds a poetic and emotional layers to the physical space.

Walk into an orchestra


Wuxia the Fox

The story of Wuxia the Fox come to life in a physical picture book that transforms into an interactive gamebook with the help of a magical iPad app. Each reading becomes a thrilling adventure full of twists and turns that awakens kids and teens to the joy of reading, exploring, and creating.

Wuxia the Fox


We've been crazy busy building our 3 main plaforms this year but we also had time to document some of the philosophical, strategic, creative, technological and logistical processes.


  • Testimonial

    Vincent Routhier

    Founder and CEO

    About Vincent Routhier

    Vincent Routhier is the Chief Storyteller Officer at SAGA, a wonderful living space of creativity, a hub where multidisciplinary and international teams share high knowledge and innovative approaches. The goal: foster positive social changes by pioneering good narratives that engage audiences and incite them to action. Vincent founded SAGA in 2006, at the age of 20. The company now pretends and wants to transform the way today’s entertainment industry relates to their audiences, by blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds and by sharing compelling storytelling. To achieve that, SAGA uses diverse platforms to deliver great content, in a pervasive way. Vincent was the Executive Producer for SAGAFILM that delivered more than 200 productions in the last 8 years.

  • Testimonial

    Jonathan Belisle

    Chief Experience Architect

    About Jonathan Belisle

    Jonathan Bélisle has been a Relational Artist and Web entrepreneur for close to 20 years. He is an interactive production director, dedicated UX poet, creative techie, and an inspired teacher. He studied film narratology and mastered visual thinking before mixing the two with methods borrowed from ethnography and service design to generate a playful approach to the complex problems of adding Human Touch to mobile and interactive storytelling with objects and connected media. He is the founder of Hello, Architekt ! a Sensemaking & Changemaking Consultancy, creator of Wuxia the Fox, co-founder of UX MTL a community of 600 UX professionals, a professor of experience architecture at INIS Media School and a SAGA partner where he acts as Chief Experience Architect.

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